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Nov 2015 | Jeff Beatty, co-ordinator of publishing group


The Publications Group newsletter provides background and progress materials in order to keep Friends informed as to progress to date and most importantly to request additional support.

As many of you will know there is a separate arm of our values orientated group, whose sole purpose is to produce new material in published form related to educational matters with a particular focus on Quaker approaches. Short-term, there are various authors producing papers, some of which emanate from research in the academic sphere and others that develop from personal experience in schools and other places of education. Long-term, which in our understanding should be within three years, these efforts will result in an edited book under the guidance of Edward Sellman of the University of Nottingham.

In the very immediate future, we hope to have 12 booklets available for the Quaker Values in Education Conference on Saturday 30 April. These booklets should each contain different perspectives on education from 12 different, anonymous Quakers. Our hope is that the emphasis will be on contributions offering a general perspective on education (rather than as a polemic on current specific issues). The range would need to ensure diverse perspectives, but should not present a covert argument for state education.
Much of the above paragraph is taken from Giles Barrow, who has offered to coordinate this aspect of our work.
Whilst we know of Friends who are willing to contribute to these booklets (each of which would carry around 1000 words), we would like to hear from as many of you as possible who would like to contribute and become involved in perhaps more diverse ways.We would like to know from those of you in our wider community who through experience as teachers, governors, academics, parents or whatever have views to share.
As preference, could you please make contact by e-mail using beatty457@btinternet.com indicating how you might support the 12 booklets initiative in the first place?

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